There is so much confusion on nutrition and it’s costing you your health.

I get asked questions like “Is spinach or cauliflower a carb?”

There is more to this story but before I dive is…

The food industry has programmed our brains with info that causes even more confusion. Example
🍼Milk has a lot of calcium, but the truth is 1 cup of kale has as much calcium as milk
🍊Orange juice has vitamin C…so do lemons minus calories
🍠Carbs are bad or make you fat

Ever wondered why there are barely any broccoli or kale ads on TV?🤔 Because the ads are paid for by the people looking to benefit from your lack of knowledge. Farmers don’t have advertising budgets…corporations do.

Back to spinach + cauliflower…Yes, they are carbs…how so?
Let’s go over the basics

Macronutrients are nutrients our bodies need in large amounts. They are only 3
1. Protein🍗
2. Fats🥑
2. Carbohydrates🥔

Protein + Fats are not the focus today

Carbohydrates are further divided into 3 groups and to illustrate this, the easiest way possible,  I’ll use a dating analogy.

1. Simple carbs – Easy Esther is down for whatever. Not much effort needed to make her acquiesce to a guy’s demands. Simple carbohydrates do not require much effort when it comes to the body getting its primary fuel, glucose. This is because they have a very simple molecular structure. Simple carbs, alo known as processed carbs, are usually processed in a mill (wheat), sweet items such as cake, cookies, sodas, ice-cream, and although unprocessed, fruits fall under this category because of sugar/sweetness. This is why kids bounce off the walls 20 mins after eating a lot of candy. THINK SWEET ITEMS. Simple carbs should be consumed minimally.

3. Starchy carbs/Complex carbs – Hard to get Helen as the name suggests is complex. She needs a lot of energy, effort to date, and doesn’t make anything easy. The body requires a lot of energy and time to digest and absorb complex carbs because they have complex molecular chains and a lot of energy/calories. These include sweet potatoes, quinoa, couscous, buckwheat, oats, beans, lentils…and more. Yes, beans &lentils have more carbs than protein. THINK WHITE. THINK HEALTHY.


3. Fibrous carbohydrates – Gracious Grace is pleasant, good for you, but also complex. Just like complex carbohydrates, fibrous carbs require effort because they have fiber/roughage (thanks to cellulose) and lots of Vitamins + trace minerals but low in energy and calories. These are vegetables such as cauliflower, kale, broccoli, spinach. THINK GREEN. Understand that the type of carbohydrates in veggies 🥦 is NOT the same type in starchy carbs🥔

Peas + carrots + beans (any kind) + lentils (any kind) are NOT real fibrous carbs or real vegetables. They are starchy carbohydrates and have a lot of energy and calories.

Not all carbs are created equal.

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