I began detoxing a few days ago after I started working out and eating clean. I detox twice a year, usually at the beginning of the year right after the holiday festivities as a way to purge the crazy holiday eating and a time to give my digestive system a break from food. The 2nd detox is during the month of June. Sometimes these months might differ if i maintain a good clean diet.

I found the detox well deserved for a myriad of reasons: It offered me a chance to stop cold turkey in eating bad stuff, restore efficiency by creation of new cells in a less toxic environment, help get rid of excessive toxic waste, assist worn out cells to leave the body, deliver powerful natural nutrients while also cleaning the body from the inside and help regulate the body’s Ph. The detox always left me feeling energized, no longer bloated, mentally alert, no more cravings and with a cleansed pallet which made me more conscious of what I ate.

Studies have shown that low energy, constipation, resistance to weight loss, trouble sleeping, cravings, unexplained headaches or body aches, acne, increased belly fat – just to name a few – are all signs that you need a detox.

After trying many different detox methods including hydro colon therapy, juicing, detox pills etc. I realized that I preferred using not only natural and readily available ingredients but also ingredients that could remain as part of my clean diet once the detox was done. I began to experiment with fruits and vegetables which led to the inception of the 10 Day Body Detox. When counseling my clients on nutrition and creating their custom meal plans, I noticed a struggle. It was almost impossible to wean them out of certain bad foods items for a long time. This is when i decided to share my personal detox with clients and noticed a drastic change. My clients, after the detox, could stick to the clean eating rules and cultivate better eating habits for months at a time. Cravings and dependency on tea, coffee, red meat, sweets, alcohol seemed to disappear after the 10 days of detoxing!!

The 10 Day Detox – is a comprehensive program that provides daily guidance on what should be consumed when and in what quantities. Even more important than the 10 days is the post detox guidance that provides details of what you need to do once the detox is over.

The core of this detox program is to jump start and reset your body through cleansing in order to leave you feeling better than before and to help you form healthy habits that will stick for a lifetime. If interested in cleansing your body  get a copy of your 10 Day Detox guide from www.janemukami.com/10daydetox for an affordable 1000/= ($9.99). I chose to price my detox reasonably in order to make it affordable to more people compared to the current market rate of detox programs which is between 2500/= and 6000/= ($25-$60)

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