A  supplement can be defined as any product that you use along with your existing nutrition and exercise program to improve your nutritional status, performance, fat loss results, or a combination of these things.

Why should you supplement?

  1. Standard eating habits do not account for huge portions of healthy, vitamin and mineral-filled foods such as green vegetables. Supplementing them becomes a great way to consume these micronutrients and trace elements.
  2. Current agricultural practices leave soil deficient of nutrients which then yields food that’s devoid of nutrients. You need soil rich in nutrients to get food rich in nutrients.
  3. Even with the perfect nutrient-rich soil, many fruits and vegetables are hybridized or genetically bred/modified to improve visual appeal, yield higher returns leading to lesser nutritional values than our ancestor’s food supply.
  4. Organic foods are becoming rare commodities. The public at large relies on produce from sources that cannot be determined. For this reason, supplementing would be the ideal way to ensure you’re getting all the necessary micronutrients despite food sources.
  5. Depletion of nutrients due to extended shipping and preservation methods.
  6. The cooking of food for better taste usually degrades the quality of nutrients leading to the reduced nutritional value
  7. As we age, our bodies provide fewer enzymes, including those needed to assimilate food as we eat. This leads to a 3% decrease in nutrient absorption every year. Eating a lot of green vegetables is great, but we do not absorb all the vitamins.

Wondering which supplements can take you from good to great? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people wonder about various products, but with hundreds to choose from, it can get overwhelming.

Let’s cut through the clutter and help you identify which products will help get you to where you want to be. As an active individual, you’ll need a little extra support compared to someone who’s not as active, so that’s where these supplements can really shine and help out.

The following is a brief list of the top-rated supplements you should be considering.

  1. Fish Oil

The benefits of fish oil cannot be stated enough. Fish oil will supply you with a hearty dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which will help boost insulin sensitivity, combat heart disease, strengthen your immune system, ward of depression and diabetes, and also help you maintain leaner body composition.

Need I say more? Most people don’t take in enough omega-3 fatty acids through their diet plan alone, which is why supplementing is such a wise move.

2. Multi-Vitamin

The second supplement you’ll want to get on your list is a quality multi-vitamin product. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this will help provide the back-up support you and promote higher levels of health.

Life can get busy and at times, it can be a struggle to get all of the nutrients in that you need. While you should always aim to eat a diet rich in lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, the multi-vitamin will be there when you need it.

You might also want to consider looking for one specially formulated for your body – consider a woman’s multi-vitamin, a men’s multi-vitamin, or a prenatal or pregnancy multi-vitamin if either of those apply. A multi-vitamin usually contains 20 – 30 different vitamins in 1 serving. A great multivitamin will have a good milligram dosage per serving.

3. Vitamin D

Finally, the last supplement that you’ll want to pay attention to and ensure is in your diet plan is vitamin D. Vitamin D is critical for bone formation, proper production of testosterone in the body (especially important for men), for keeping your immune system strong, and it may even help foster a leaner body composition as well.

Vitamin D is found in very few foods that we consume in the standard human diet, which is why taking it in through supplemental form is so vital.

You can get vitamin D by going out in direct sunlight as well, however this is generally not recommended due to the fact it can set you up for skin cancer.

Taking 2000-4000IU’s per day of vitamin D can help ensure you don’t fall short and give you the nutritional support you need.

4. Vitamin C is an immune booster and great for keeping colds and other ailments at bay.

So keep all of these 4 products in mind. If you want the very basic level supplementation, these are the ones that you should be focusing

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