Now that the holidays are over are you ready for damage control?

How do you ditch the extra weight or restore the same level of wellbeing you had pre-holiday?

Here are 10 tips to get started on your health and fitness journey:

  1. Identify a goal – take a moment to identify what exactly you want to accomplish. and why.
  2. Set a realistic plan – Grand goals are awesome but break them down to smaller steps. Example – Do not focus on losing 20kg although that might be the weight you need to lose. Focus on losing the first 2kgs in the first 30 days. Realistic goals make the task at hand seem achievable.
  3. Drink Water – Increase  water uptake and decrease consumption of juice, coffee and tea. Staying hydrated will quickly help cut out unwanted calories
  4. Portion control – Reduce portions by increasing the serving of veggies and lean healthy protein, and decreasing the starchy carbohydrates
  5. Eliminate the bad foods – wheat products, fried foods, processed junk food cutting back on these foods will be necessary to lose weight – Download my FREE ebook that clearly defines CLEAN EATING
  6. Plan ahead – Create a menu of what to eat ahead of time and have the food available to avoid eating anything that is available.
  7. Build in a treat meal – Despite having to cut out a lot of unhealthy items, you plan to enjoy 1 meal a week of the unhealthy items you might miss or crave. This helps psychologically alleviate feeling deprived of foods you like.
  8. Journal – Write down everything you eat. This process makes you very aware of what you are eating and will subliminally play a part in creating healthy habits. review the journal once a week and honestly grade yourself.
  9. Find a support group – To keep you accountable, find friends or family members embarking on the same journey and keep each other motivated and accountable.
  10. Be patient with yourself. Remember it took quite sometime to gain the weight, it will take even longer than you expect to lose it…but it is doable if you stay the course.

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To a happier and healthier 2017!!

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