Love Celebration Day is here and with celebration comes flowing wine, chocolates, and good food!!

Here are 8 tips that can help make it a guilt free celebration:

  1. Day before Love Day eliminate all the carbs from your diet! Eat lots of protein and vegetables and save the carbs for Valentine’s day!
  2. Engage in a great workout on both saturday and sunday to boost your metabolism and have it waiting to burn away those ‘love’ calories.  You will feel great and enjoy the extra boost of energy 😉
  3. On Valentine’s day do not starve yourself waiting to indulge on that special Valentine’s brunch, lunch on dinner.  Starving yourself will make you over eat which will leave you exhausted, kick the body into fat storage mode and have you regretting the meal come monday morning. Eat your regular meals and snacks through out the day.
  4. Drink as much water as you can the day before and on Love Day
  5. Appetizer – start with a green salad appetizer instead of reaching for the bread basket.
  6. Main course – Go for chicken, or seafood. If red meat is preferred then select lean cuts of steak, lamb, pork, bison, venison etc.
  7. Dessert –  chose small perfectly portioned desserts or stick to desserts with fruit such as chocolate covered strawberries or fruit, dark chocolate. For ice cream go for sorbet’s
  8. Drink – Wine or clear liquors such as vodkas are the best alcoholic alternatives compared to calorie heavy brews such as beer.
Don’t forget to focus your attention on enjoying your mate’s company and conversation over dinner 😉
There you have it!! Enjoy a guilt free celebration of Love Day…From me to you, With Love!
Monday, We get clean up the food, hit the gym hard and keep it moving! #Living #Balance
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