The holidays present a time for letting loose…literally.  It’s also the time of year when it’s super easy to pack on extra weight in the name of making merry, thanks to those huge parties with endless supply of free food and drink.

Here are 10 tips that will help you not overdo it…

  1. Get your workout out in earlier in the day to get your metabolism going
  2. Avoid “fasting” before a holiday meal or event. Waiting to have 1 big meal leads to over eating
  3. At event start by eating healthy items such as salads and soups, protein before moving on to desserts.
  4. Alternate an alcoholic beverage with water or tonic water
  5. Eat mindfully – stop and think about what you’re eating. If you know something doesn’t support your health, 3 bites is all you need. Make those 3 bites count by making sure it’s something you really like. Sometimes we eat items we don’t care about because they are available.
  6.  As you enjoy the ‘unhealthy items’ kill the guilt Its okay to enjoy foods that you don’t enjoy on the regular but in moderation
  7. Remind yourself that all the foods available during the holidays are also available all year round to avoid over indulging in them. They will always be there
  8. Politely say no to ‘food-pushers’ who keep encouraging you to go for seconds, or more dessert etc
  9. Don;t hang around the buffet table or bar all night long, you will keep having more (drinks or food) walk around and socialize instead of eating.
  10. After it’s done, clean it up the next day. It’s easy to let celebrations and overindulging to linger on for 4, 6 days or weeks…before you know it, you’ve dug yourself a hole that will take a lot of get out of #moderation

Happy Holidays!


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