Eat Breakfast like a King…Lunch like a Prince…Dinner Like a Pauper”

Truth be told, most of us eat dinner like KINGS 🙂

This challenge is supposed to change that! Mko tayari??

Carbohydrates, the starchy kind also known carbs, are an important energy giving macro nutrient.

Here are a few things to note about carbs:

– As much as carbs are important, they are often abused and can greatly contribute to weight gain.

– Carbs have a huge and direct effect on insulin and It’s important to consume carbs at the right time.

– Carbohydrates are best consumed at breakfast when insulin levels are low from overnight fasting. Your metabolism is usually at its peak earlier in the day and starts to decline later as the day winds down.

– Consuming a carb heavy meal at night prompts the release of insulin. When this happens, sugars and glucose end up being converted to fat hence why consuming too many carbs at night isn’t recommended for anyone looking to lose weight.

– To reiterate consuming carbs at night results in them being stored as fat vs being burned as fuel as would be the case when consumed at breakfast.Research shows that most people binge at night due to high stress.

– Emotional eating can be prompted by a stressful day and carbs are usually the food of choice because they are have a mood elevating effect; they make us happy and its important to avoid crutching on food as a stress reliever.

Ever wondered why you wake up in the morning feeling exhausted even after several hours of sleep….? Did you have a huge serving of carbs for dinner? This might be the cause given that your body has to digest the energy form carbs while you are trying to sleep….this leaves the body no real rest time even though you are physically resting.

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