I grew up loving and enjoying rice+ beans. Everyone knew that beans, and lentils (dengu) are rich in protein…but wait…

Lets take a closer look to the nutrition facts:

1 cup or red beans: 219 calories – 16.2 grams (56 calories) from protein, 39.7grams (162 calories) from carbs/starch and 1 calorie from fat.

Yes – Beans have more protein than other legumes, but they have 3 times MORE carbs than protein.

We love to combine beans with Rice…

Rice is a starchy carb. Let’s take a closer look at the nutrition facts:

1 cup of cooked rice = 205 calories – 45 g carbs (180 calories), 4g Protein (16 calories)

1 cup of rice and 1 cup of beans give 424 calories with a total of over 300 of those calories being carbs and 72 calories protein.

For people looking to shed fat,  I advice you eat beans and lentils with fibrous carbs/vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, spinach…etc not with rice, ugali, chapati or any other starchy carbs.

I enjoy eating beans or lentils with veggies to take a break from meat while enjoying the many nutritious benefits of beans without a carb overload.

Carb overload = Blood sugar and Insulin spikes = Weight Gain







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