Weight loss is very simple If only you understand and most importantly do these 2 things…

  1. Consume whole foods also known as high-quality foods, in the right quantities and at the right time – High-quality foods are found in the sea (fish), on land (animals) or the farm, and not from the factory. These exclude sugar, wheat, alcohol and many other foods that are naturally occurring but thanks to human intervention, get overly processed, losing nutritional value or having a lot of additives that cause inflammation, hormonal imbalance, leading to weight gain, disease and lowering our quality of life.
  2. Do number 1 consistently and make it your new normal/way of life

Are you shocked that working out is not one of the 2 above?

You see, working out is very effective for managing health but not effective for weight loss.

Want some proof…

Catherine did not work out but thanks to my weight loss coaching program, I was able to hold her hand and teach her how to eat….and voila. She is still on her journey and only now introducing physical activity, but great progress thus far.

Still not convinced?

Meet Liz Mbature Kamau on Picture below. She has lost 35 kilos. 80 pounds, is down to a size 8 from a size 22 and living her best life after enrolling in my 12-week weight loss coaching program.

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How is it, that my coaching clients do NOT workout, they eat carbs, and lose a lot of weight! Because my high touch 12-week body transformation coaching program is a one of a kind bespoke program that’s customized to each of my client’s goals, age, body type, lifestyle blueprint, likes, dislikes etc. I also keep them accountable, pay attention to their individual needs and work as their guide every single day of the program.

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What did you learn from Liz’s journey? Would you like me to discuss why working out is not very effective for weight loss? Drop comments below 🙂

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