I get it!! You’ve tried so many weight loss methods and none have worked! You are frustrated and want the extra weight gone like….yesterday!

I understand how you feel because I was once in your shoes! In 2008 and 2009
I was into the latest workout dvd or workout craze to the next…and the longest I stuck with any regimen was 20 – 30 days! I wanted my body change overnight and I couldn’t understand what i was doing wrong! I spent money on methods that promised to get me results fast…yet every month, I remained the same! I was all about diet tablets and their benefits to my goals.

You don’t believe me?? Here is a run down of some of the crazy things i did…

Lemondae Diet: This had to be it…I told myself! Why was i so convinced? Because several celebrities including Beyonce used it to prep for events or movie roles….it must be the secret!

The diet consisted of drinking concoction made from cayenne pepper, maple syrup, lemon juice and water for 30 days…NO FOOD just the mix!! It also involved a celtic salt flush that had me camping in the rest room for a couple of hours smdh. Did it work?? YES!! I lost 18 pounds in 30 days and was over the moon!! BUT……by day 33 the weight was back…not just the 18Ibs but 22 Ibs!! Lesson learned was that I was obviously not Beyonce and I needed to try something else.

Juicing: Fruits and veggies juices only for 21 days…NO FOOD! Did it work? HELLS YEAH!! 15Ibs came back in 6 days + 2more.

Colon hydro therapy: Forget enemas – I paid a hefty $850 for a 3 week detox and cleansing program that included colon hydro therapy, liver cleanse and mouth to intestine cleanse. During the 3 weeks i was only supposed to eat ONLY raw vegetables and home made vegetable + fruit juices. And why did i think this would work? Because i had aspect a lot of money…smdh

The colon hydro therapy was just like an enema…but done professionally…they stuck the tube up my ass, pumped water…..messaged my stomach to get as much water into my tubes (intestines) as possible….then emptied and did it again. Entire process would take 45 minutes. I did the colon hydro therapy 3 times a week for 3 weeks and the other procedures once.

21 days later….I was 17Ibs lighter but again…..as soon as i went back to being myself and eating what i thought was healthy, the weight came right back!!

Herbal slimming tea: Drank some diet tea for 30 days….again, it worked but there was something missing.

Over 2 years, I tried so many easy methods and wasted so much money only to later learn the truth!

Any weight loss method that is super restrictive, usual noted by the word ONLY,  cannot be incorporated into your current lifestyle, or has a start and stop date will not work because what happens after you stop juicing or drinking the slimming tea? Can you survive ONLY on juice of slimming tea rest of your life? If yes….KUDOS…but the truth is that it is not sustainable.

The truth is  that the right method is also the hardest method, because it takes time, requires dedication and commitment. Working out and eating clean promise that if you are consistent with both you always be in control of my weight. Does that mean you are a slave to working out and eating clean?? It all depends on how you look at it?

I’ve come to understand that a lifestyle change is like a marriage to yourself….you do your best to make it work. Yes you will have some rough patches, days or weeks where you are not motivated to do either (workout and eat clean) but the goal is to always remember why they both are so important to your life.

If i take some time off from working out hard or eating clean and gain a few extra pounds….I KNOW exactly what to do to get it off. I can duplicate eating clean and working out anywhere in the world and I don’t depend on anything other than food and physical activity. What happens when a fad diet comes to an end?? You don’t know what to do…you revert back to your lifestyle and the weight comes a-knocking. This is because you are enslaved to the diet and whenever you decide to break free…then you have a price to pay.

If you eat clean and workout you will not need to depend on  consuming sea salt flushes, apple cider vinegar, or enemas… any other glorified  “get skinny NOW” items.

I hope this post will help you realize that there isn’t a short cut. Think twice before taking up that camel milk, tomatoes, cabbage soup, or any other crazy restrictive diet. Making small changes that you can sustain throughout your life is the only way to go about this. You will also need to be dedicated to making the changes as well as being patient because the extra weight did not show up overnight.

Stay focused and motived to work for what you want…remember, Nothing comes easy! #WorkForIt


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