Some tough love coming your way – Enough is enough! You’re tired of the extra weight that’s running your life! You snore heavily at night when you sleep and wake up feeling exhausted! Your wardrobe is limited to stretchy/spandex type clothes! You’re out of breadth from almost everything you do! You’re on all these medication and  tired of hearing your doctor asking you to lose some weight! You’re totally dependent on body products/body magic to hold in and up all the extra fluff because clothes do not look right on you and this is an easier solution/shortcut!  People don’t take time to get to know you or pay attention to you because our vain society is HUGE on first impressions! You’re not pleased with what you see when you look in the mirror! Your self esteem is gone and are finally ready to do what it takes to get the weight off and reclaim yourself again!!You are ready to take the bull by the horns!

Rediness Checklist:

Physical activity – Take time to identify a physical activity that you can participate in least 3 to 4 times a week – follow Fitness Geko
Clean eating –  You have cleaned up the kitchen by getting rid of all the unhealthy food and snacks that got you to this point and replaced them with healthier options. You have also read my free ebook available for download on this website.

Mental –  You have made up your mind to commit to your goal of getting.

The 3 above are mandatory to begin your journey and its important you understand this:   Despite your will to move forward, you don’t anticipate certain factors that might sabotage your journey….factors such as…

Friends and Family:
The very same friends and family that talked to you about losing weight can also be your downfall. They might question or even mock you at the beginning when they realize how serious you are.
“You really wake up at 5am to go to the gym? Why?”
“You no longer go out to drink/eat with us and are no longer fun”
“How long do you think you’re going to do this for”
“How much weight are you trying to lose”

If you’ve been going at it for a while and have started getting great results you might hear:
“You’re getting too skinny and what you’re doing is unhealthy”
“You’re starting to look like a man” – People have actually said this one to me
“You need to stop starving yourself”
“It’s not womanly to lift weights”
“Working out twice a day is absurd”

Why are people so quick to share their opinions when they see you loosing weight but they never step up to you and tell you that you’ve put on a lot of weight???

Comments like these can make or break a person and you must stand by your vision and goal If it’s important to you.. Do not feel a need to explain yourself to anyone other than yourself, because only you know what you’re trying to accomplish for YOU. Remember, these people are used to the old bigger you and to watch you changing your habits might not be easy to embrace even when it’s good for you. The people closest to you might not see you for who you really are. They doubt you and pull you down intentionally (crabs) and sometimes unintentionally instead of supporting you fully!

Corporate environment:

For most employed people, we spend about 40 hours a week in the office. This can be a trying and challenging place but remembering the reason you’re doing certain things will help you stay grounded.

I remember a time my team and I had to travel out of town and on the way from the airport to hotel i requested for us to pull over at a grovery store so i could stock up on water.  After this episode I was nicknamed “The Camel” which I almost got defensive for and wanted to explain to them why it was important for me to drink so much water but I digressed. Sometimes actions speak louder than words and explaining yourself is really not important.

Another setback is that In most corporate settings there is always free food looming around; free snacks, free drinks, team lunches, happy hour, dinners etc Stay away from these traps when the food is unhealthy and avoid the areas as much as possible.


With a supportive circle or family, friends, corporate environment etc we can be our own worst enemy by procrastinating, making a million excuses why we don’t want to workout or eat healthy etc. Unfortunately, no matter how bad others want something for you, they cannot get it or do it for you. You’re the one that has to workout even though working out is not your favorite thing to do. It’s you that has to put the pizza down and fill up on vegetable and lean protein. You must want to be healthy and/or fit so bad that you’re willing to do anything to get it. The fire and passion must be there to accomplish the goal even though the journey might not be easy. Being fit requires sacrifice, something that most people don’t like to do. You must give up something for another because nothing good ever comes easy. The saying “easy come easy go” does NOT apply to weight loss. It is EASY to pack on the pounds…but it’s NEVER EASY to lose it.

Be true to what makes you happy and always surround yourself with those that see, believe and support your journey.

Block out the noise and Stay Motivated!

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