Your genetics are not a life or death sentence…

I’ve met a lot of people who believe they are overweight, diabetic, big-boned because it ‘runs in the family’. This is NOT true, your family history simply puts you at a higher risk of developing disease or being obese, IF you chose to NOT live a healthy lifestyle. Choosing means no excuses! It doesn’t matter what your family history is, you can break the cycle by simply changing your habits.

What Is your body saying to you? Where do you carry excess weight?

Genetics dictate body shape and body type.

Your body shape is determined by the amount of fat stored in different body parts. These body types include apple, pear, hourglass as shown below

Your body type is a different way to classify bodies based on how fast or slow one loses or gains weight/fat or muscle. The 3 bodies are types…

Ectomorphs – lean bodies, can eat anything and look the same. Tough to add muscle or gain weight

Mesomorphs – Natural athletic bodies. Can lose weight and build muscle fast

Endomorphs – Carries higher levels of fat, gains weight quickly and losing weight is difficult or very slow

Most people have combination body types with the upper or lower body having 2 different characteristics such as endo-meso. The bad news is we cannot change our body types and shape. An apple shape can never be an hour glass shape
The good news – our body shapes and types are not death sentences, we have the ability to enhance or improve the way we look by managing our weight. The less fat we carry the better we look and the healthier we are

Different body types and shapes have to adhere to different nutrition and workout guidelines in order to maintain or achieve goals

My client’s picture below shows an obvious apple shape when overweight but once she lost weight she looks very symmetrical.

My pictures show that my default settings are endomorphic – I’m actually an endo-meso – with the upper body set to not gain much weight and when I gain weight it’s all on my belly and hips. I naturally gain fat fast, hence why I chose a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy weight, feel good and stay healthy.

Good nutrition habits/eating clean is instrumental in keeping weight in check. In the case of working out, different body shapes and types MUST work out differently in order to improve their weak areas.

What is your body type and body shape? Share in the comments below πŸ™‚

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