We only have 1 and mothers are indeed special! Every mother’s day I like to love on mine to remind her just how special she is!

Why do I love my mother?

  1. Despite having to drop out of high school in form 2, because my grand-parents couldn’t afford to meet her tuition, she hustled her way through life and was an entrepreneur from the early age of 24. She made a way out of no way….and for that, I have no excuse but to be the best that I can be given that I have much more than she did.
  2. She chose to have me at 19 years old. At that time she was working as a house maid and wasn’t in a suitable situation to think about bringing a child into this world…but she did.
  3. She taught me how to respect her. I remember disliking her as a child because she used to whoop my ass for anything and everything…or so it seemed. I was so scared of her that I quickly realized that doing what she asked was the only to survive under her watch. I feared her! It wasn’t until I turned 21 that we became friends….really good friends.  Looking back in retrospect I understand why she was so strict and grateful because it kept me out of mischief.
  4. She is warm and loving. She takes time to constantly remind my brother and I how much she loves us. Any one that meets my mother takes to her because she is so warm and inviting.
  5. She is Strong, bold and stands her ground for what she believes in and is fearless.
  6. She never forgets her past or humble beginnings and continues to  take care of others even when she isn’t in the best position to do so.
  7.  Open minded and supportive

I could go on and on…the list is endless. My mom is the bombdotcom and I one day hope to be as good a mom as mine has been to me.


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