Everyone wants to know….how long will it take before I can lose this weight?
First let me start by saying that weight loss is not the same as to fat loss.  I reiterate this because the number on the scale is only a slight glimpse of what’s going on with the body while the inches are a better and more comprehensive measure. Pay attention to the inches/dress sizes and quit over obsessing over a metric that changes every time you consume more water than normal, have a stressful week, start your menses etc your weight literally varies every single day from an array of endless reasons.
The truth is it will take as long as you want it to take. I say this because we all are created so differently and with different reasons why and how we packed on the weight. We are also in different mental, emotional and psychological capacities which impact fat loss more than you realize.
You can have the best workout and eating guide but if you’re not mentally ready to make changes, you will not succeed. Commitment is a big part of accomplishing any goal and the truth is most people want to be healthier and look a certain way but aren’t ready to work for it. It’s pretty much the same reasoning as success and wealth…..most people want it but only a few are ready to commit and do the work to accomplish this.
As far as fat loss is concerned start by making 1 small change a week. In 4 weeks you will have made 4 changes in 12 weeks 12 changes. The changes could range from going cold turkey on fried foods, wheat products, reducing salt or sugar intake, drinking more water, dedicating 30 mins to physical activity 3 times a week….etc etc
Committing to these changes is the first thing the next thing is choosing to make them long term and not just for the 3 months before your next birthday. Lifestyle changes are what keep you healthy.
So, how long does it take to get healthy? You are in control of how long it takes because It takes as long as you can stay consistently committed. They call it a fitness or health journey because its never ending….you always keep going…you can slow down take a vacation enjoy yourself…but you can never stop. Just believe in yourself and make sure you get some fitness/diet tips from web sources like BirthOrderPlus


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