What is this challenge about? This challenge requires you to eliminate all wheat products from your diet for 21 days.

Mindful eating is the motivator for this challenge. We are so accustomed to reactive eating vs proactive eating. We eat when we get hungry and most of the time, we eat whatever it is that is first available.

The other purpose of this challenge is to give your body a break from ingesting this overly processed product and instead have you replace it with a healthier alternative. You will also realize how dependent of wheat products you are and perhaps after the challenge you can reduce consumption of these products. This is not a weight loss driven challenge but more of a wellness challenge. You WILL feel better if you stick with it!

More details about how to prepare for the challenge, wheat alternatives and how to reintroduce wheat after 21 days are in the 21 days of change Facebook group (For Women Only)

To join this forward marching women-only community please click here or click the link below Jane Mukami’s Free 21 Days of Change Fitness Group.


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