This challenge is all about physical activity! Although diet is 80% of the weight loss equation being physically active has impressive and inexhaustible benefits that are missed from eating clean only.

These benefits include:

Release of endorphins also known as ‘feel good’ hormones that make and keep you happy
Reduces stress and lifts depression
Improves self confidence and alleviates anxiety
Sharpens memory, prevents cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease
Taps into creativity and improves learning
Improves your sex life 😉
Improves digestion
Keeps dementia and osteoporosis at bay
my personal favor – keeps you young!

There are so many different workouts out there but this challenge is supposed to make physical activity a part of your lifestyle if you follow it verbatim.

Working out is such a relative term because it varies from each individual and goal of this activity is to make sure you REALLY make an effort towards  being physically active.

Challenge details, workout videos, and prep notes can be found in the 21 days of change Facebook group (For Women Only)

To join this forward marching women-only community please click here or click the link below Jane Mukami’s Free 21 Days of Change Fitness Group.

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