What’s the craze about squats?

The answer is pretty simple – They are the ultimate booty building exercise and them some!

Other benefits of squats include:

They are a functional exercise that helps in performing real life activities and promote balance, mobility, posture etc

Their ability to burn the most number of calories considering the number of large muscle groups targeted such as hips, glutes/ass, quads/front of thigh above the knees, hamstring/back of the legs below ass, calves/squembes and core.

They Shape the tone the entire lower body (thighs and butt)

They strengthen the lower back

They help build muscle even if performed with only body weight

Let’s talk about the much coveted toned butt! The gluteus maximus/gluteal muscle – referred to as glutes, ass or booty – is made up of 3 parts

1. Medius is the top part of the glute

2. Maximum is the middle and largest part of the glute that gives the perky crescent shape

3. Minimus is the smallest part of the glute at the bottom that gives the lifted look.

Although squats are super effective, they cannot be the ONLY thing you do to build a firmer, tighter booty. You need to work out – both cardio and strength – consistently and of course your nutrition needs to be on point.

This challenge is supposed to introduce beginners to squats while challenging those who already workout.

Details of the challenge are shared in My 21 days of change facebook page.

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