May 31st 2010, Atlanta Georgia

I walked out of Doctor Bodner’s office elated. We had finalized details pertaining to my liposuction procedure. I paid the deposit and was going to pick a date between June 12th – June 19th for the procedure. I was ready to ditch the extra fat that had been irritating and frustrating me for 2 years despite working out like a maniac. I was about to have a brand new body come hell or high water!! At this time I weighed 134 Pounds, after 2 years of working hard. 

Background Story: Nairobi, Kenya 1990’s – Teenage years

Hard to believe but I grew up chubby! By the time I was 15 years old I weighed 65 kilos/140 pounds by 18 I was 73 kilos/160 pounds while my mother only weighed 57 kilos/125 Pounds. I was often confused for her older sister.

1998 – 18.5 years old Kenyan Driver’s License

Being away in boarding school from the age of 12 played a part in fostering my huge appetite.  My go to snacks when away from home were cookies, biscuits, potato chips/crisps, bread when home  for the holidays pizzas, hamburgers, fries, fried chicken were a staple in my diet.

“You’re shaped just like your grandmother”, who was a large woman, was the euphemism for “you’re fat”.  I grew up hearing this from my loving petite aunt’s and cousins. Lucky for me, I had more important teenage things to worry about such as the latest music, dances, trends, partying, boys 🙂 etc My weight never ever bothered me. My sense of style was baggy jeans, checked shirts, boots which aligned with the trend at the time.

Atlanta, Georgia 1999- 2008

I moved to the US in 1999 and my weight slowly decreased without much effort. I attributed this to my new hectic college and work life, then again, my weight was never of concern – I loved and was confident of who I was.

It was in 2008 that I had my ‘aha’ moment.  I had gotten married in 2006, gained a lot of of weight and had just concluded my divorce . It was an early morning, i was rushing to get ready for work and rrrriiipppp went my pants. The same pair that i was supposed to return to Macy’s 6 weeks prior, because they were too big.

It was this same morning that I looked at myself for the 1st time in my life,  I didn’t like what I saw. I couldn’t recognize myself – who was this person whose energy levels plummeted, suffered  chronic fatigue and dependent on red bull, coffee of coke to get me through a regular day? It was this day in 2008 that i decided to do something about my weight. I weighed 62kilos/137 pound

Like most, I  figured I was smart, resourceful and spent 2008 to 2010 trying to do it on my own. I tried so many diets, workouts methods, ran 1/2 marathons…….I was putting in some serious work. I tried the cabbage soup, juice fasting, hydro colon therapy, master cleanse, you name it….i tried it!

2 years later – My body looked the same hence the decision for liposcution.

Now back to 2010…

Atlanta, Georgia June 1st  2010 – awaiting my lipo procedure

Browsing Facebook I came across a pic of a friend  I had not seen in a long time. She looked fabulous. Her body had drastically changed was tight, toned and slightly muscular. I sent her a Facebook message asking for her remedy and she responded with her fitness coach’s contact info. I met with this coach and liposuction never happened.  6 months later….my body, my mind and my life were brand new!

Measurements in inchesDate: June 2010Date: December 2010
Upper abs/lower abs27/3224/28
Upper thigh231/2211/8

What did I learn and what did it take for me to transform my body and life?

  1. MOST Important lesson – It takes one being obsessed about something in order for them to do what it takes. I say this because only after I really really wanted to look different and was willing to do anything, was I willing to PAY for the lipo (that never happened) or the coach. In 2008 had anyone asked me to pay someone to help me I would have vehemently refused because I felt I could do it on my own. No one warned me that weight loss is one of those things that requires more than being resourceful. It requires guidance from a very well informed and experienced person. Once i decided that it was extremely important for me to look like “the girl on the magazine covers” – these are the words i told my coach – then I was willing to invest $400 a month for expert help.

2. Time – I had to commit myself to the 1 thing i wanted the most….a better looking image of myself not for anyone else…but myself.

3. Commitmment  – I wanted to lose weight so badly that I was ready and willing to do what was required. I had wasted 2 years prior experiementing with fad diets which at times would have me shed a couple of pounds only to regain them once I realized i  couldn’t sustain the diets. This time, I learned how to effectively work out, eat clean and dedicate myself fully in order to reach my goal. I did not want to waste any more money or time hence was imperative for me to commit to my regimen and make lifestyle changes vs start and stop diets.

Taking care of myself has yielded abundance in every part of my life. Besides the look that i was overly obsessed with when i first began,  the journey changed me. I became more driven, focused, and discovered  my life’s purpose. I became passionate enough to switch careers from being a successful IT consultant to becoming a health and wellness coach and help impart the same life changing knowledge that transformed my life!

I’ve learned that wanting to loose weight is one thing, but fully committing to the task is another.  Working out and eating clean for 90 days does not mark the end of a weight lose regimen, but the beginning of a life long journey that should never stop. The same focus and commitment once mastered subliminally duplicates itself to other areas of life for success.

Working out and eating clean is the proverbial fountain of youth. It is the best way of becoming healthy and staying healthy by cultivating sustainable habits. It does require a paradigm shift, old habits must die, new habits embraced for you to achieve your goal.

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If you’re serious about loosing weight and getting healthy you will need to be patient with yourself and be ready to commit to healthy eating and some type of physical activity. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, start by changing 1 habit at a time.

Are you REALLY ready to do whatever it takes? Taking the 1st step is the hardest thing, but once you do it…it’s not as bad as you think it is.

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