This was Dubai during my 18-hour layover after a 14.5-hour flight. The hotel had a gym and I got my sweat session despite the crazy time difference.

Here are  MY TOP 5 Hacks that help me navigate long-distance international travel:

  1. Flight time –  Chose flights that align with your natural life patterns. For example, it’s easier to get on an 8 to 13 hours flight after 8 pm because in 2 hours I fall asleep at my usual bedtime, and stay asleep for 8 hours skipping unnecessary, idle flight snacking.
  2. Travel eating –  Long flights serve 2 meals and 1 or 2 snacks. unfortunately, in a sedentary state, all foods sits in you for the many hours which is not ideal. Personally, I call the airline and ask for low sodium, low carb meals + snacks which are lower in calories, and even then, I skip snacks to not break daily caloric intake.
  3. Staying hydrated –  My water bottle travels with me.  I fill up my bottle in airports that have refill stations, and request bottle refills on long flights. Upon arrival at a layover destination, I find a grocery store/supermarket and stock up on bottles or gallons.
  4. Keep moving – Gym availability – In cases of international flights,  Booking hotel is usually based upon gym availability or proximity. When on long flight layovers in for example in Amsterdam’s busy Schipol Airport, there is a Hotel next door that has a gym + shower for 20 euros. I frequent Dubai’s terminal hotel for a couple hours sleep and a gym as well. Working out helps keep your energy up and helps reset the body clock.
  5.  Plan all the above beforehand – Take a moment to mentally walk through your trip, plan for the areas that can trip you up. Planning ensures that there are no surprises. Also, do all your ‘work’ beforehand – Workout beforehand, maintain 100% nutrition compliance with meals leaving a negligible margin of error Should 1 or 2 things not go as planned.

Making a choice in advance and planning your actions, is the best way to avoid Oooops situations that can quickly unravel progress IF you gain weight super fat [like me] It puts you in control of your health.

The body is an intelligent LIVING thing…it’s like a genie in a bottle. Your every action is its every command. It doesn’t care that you’re traveling, on vacation or back to structured living…when you move, it moves #justlikethat 🙂

If You Fail to Plan. Plan to Fail.

Now….I’m back in Kenya and I’m dodging some yummy, unhealthy foods all day…errdayy. Did I mention relatives and friends that try to feed me every possible moment possible? How do I manage? What’s my secret to keeping my weight in check for the next several weeks? A toughie…but I always have something in my arsenal of tricks*rubs hands together*

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