If you’re not physically active, over-eating fruit can contribute to massive weight gain.

Yes fruits have a lot of fiber and many wonderful nutrients but this doesn’t mean you solely depend on them for all nutrients. How about veggies? Veggies are extremely low in calories compared to fruit, more filling and packed with a lot more nutrients.

For weight loss, the goal is to constantly keep your blood sugar stable by consuming slow digesting foods that do not call for insulin due to a glucose overload.

Any food item that quickly raises your blood sugar, prompting the pancreas to release insulin fast, to counter the effect, automatically causes the body to go into fat storage mode!!

Sugar/glucose has a glycemic index of 100 and it’s the 1 item that raises blood sugar the fastest! Do you now see why over eating fruits can cause weight gain?

Fruits do indeed have natural sugar however this natural sugar still impacts blood levels the same way a spoonful of table sugar does…..period. This is the same reason diabetics have to be careful when it comes to eating fruits because of its impact of blood sugar levels.

I know that most of you think about what tastes good and yes fruits are sweet but do not entirely replace your veggies with fruits.

Lets look at that fruit salad that you had for lunch and dinner or snack…

1 cup of mango = 99 calories, 23g of sugar

1 cp of pineapple – 82 calories, 16g of sugar

1 cup of sliced banana = 200 calories, 28g sugar

Your fruit salad for the day got you 382 calories with 67g of sugar….You might as well have had a snickers chocolate bar  for ONLY 250 calories, 26g of sugar…

The calories in fruits add up quickly and the body doesn’t give them any special treatment just because “they came from fruit”. All calories are treated the same as it pertains to the question “are you eating more calories that you’re expending?” If the answer is YES…..then weight gain is imminent.

You can afford to overindulge in vegetables because they are extremely low in calories, do not spike your blood sugar, they keep you full longer, and supply you with even more nutrients.

I’m hoping that we can now understand why these are no healthy weight loss regimens:

– Having a huge bowl of fruit salad for lunch or dinner or both. This is a sugar overload that gives you energy (sugar rush), followed by a crash and exhaustion then more hunger. A meal must comprise of protein, carbs and veggies.

– Consuming 2 liters of fruit smoothies or juice all day for weight loss is a huge no-no. Its not sustainable neither does it nourish your body.

Eat more green vegetables not only cooked veggies (spinach, kale, cabbage) experiment with raw vegetables/salads which benefit the body greatly.

Fruits salads are to be enjoyed in small portions once every couple of weeks, not every single day.

Healthy living is all about moderation. Pick fruits with low GI (glycemic Index) such as grapefruit/malimau, apples, berries, grapes, pears, peaches, plums and even these are to be consumed in moderation.  Bread, cakes, cookies….most refined wheat products also fall in the High GI category and also spike blood sugar hence why I also advocate for consuming wheat products in moderation.

“The Food You Eat Can Be Either The Safest And Most Powerful Form Of Medicine Or The Slowest Form Of Poison”


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