Everyday provides an opportunity to do better, a time to kick excuses to the curb and refocus and recommit to your goals!

Making excuses is one of the most common reasons why we don’t meet any goals we set. It’s been exactly 12 days since I got back from vacation and although I’ve been working out, my eating habits have been questionable. My excuse was that I needed time to fully settle in and get my mind right. It is a valid reason, but an excuse nonetheless. The truth is working out hard every morning is a great thing, but every single time I eat something I should be eating, my hard work at the gym gets undone. I understand this, but human nature is to do what we want to do. The discipline to be who I am, a fitness athlete, challenges this very nature.

You might have fallen off the fitness bandwagon a day/week/month/year ago and struggling to get back on. Forget about the past, the bad mistakes you made by consuming bad food and being a couch potato. You can make a change TODAY by choosing to eat healthier and incorporating a light for of physical activity in your life and taking it a day at a time. Procrastination and Not feeling like it are not valid excuses for not executing. Inability might be a good excuse but the lady on the picture defies that greatly and makes me feel even more guilty. I’m hopping off the EXCUSE bus today and hopping on the EXECUTION bus!

I am exactly 46 days out from competition and the heat is on!! The weights are getting heavier, the meals/food trickier, my hormones out of control and I’m not very pleasant to be around. Despite all these known factors I will show up and give 150% to all my workouts. I will commit 150% to eating clean, which is my biggest challenge. I must make sure that while giving my all to fitness, I will still be a great and productive employee and my job must not be affected in any way because it is equally as important. I will make an effort to be calm, collected and considerate of my loved ones despite being hormonal and consumed by fitness and work. I will take it a day at a time by focusing on what I have to do ONLY for the next 24 hours. Sometimes looking at the forest, and not the trees becomes blurry and intimidating. Zooming in and focusing on action items for 1 day ONLY is less stressful. Not to mention a string of good, focused days add up to weeks and months of good work and marked progress!

Let’s do this together…..NO MORE EXCUSES….COMMIT AND GIVE 100%….TAKE IT A DAY AT A TIME!

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