Happy November! This month’s challenge is all about getting those arms toned and sexy for the holidays!For toned arms several muscles must be worked namely biceps, triceps and shoulders and guess what? You can perform the workouts from the comfort of your home!

What will you need:

Resistance – We must challenge and break down the muscle for definition and toning. For this you will need to have a form of resistance. Chose from 1 of the following:

– A pair of 8 Ibs/4 kg top adjustable dumbbells 2017 for beginners, 10 Ibs/5 kgs for intermediate or 12 Ibs/6 kgs for advanced

– A resistance band- Bottle or gallons of water are a great home substitute

– Note: A 1 liter bottle with water weighs 1 kg, 2 liters = 2kg 3 liters = 4 etc etc. You will need 1 for each arm.

For the daily workout schedule and demo videos join the 21 days of change women only Facebook group at Facebook.com/groups/fitkenyangirl

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