Looking to get flat abs?? If so, there are a few tips to remember. The most important thing to note is that flat abs are not just about doing hundreds of crunches. Don’t make the mistake of only focusing on exercise and neglecting other areas that need to be tended to.

Let’s look at the main things to get into place and give you a few tips for each.


When it comes to abs, nutrition is king. You simply won’t see results if your diet isn’t in order. The reason being that seeing abs is more about getting to a lower body fat level than it is actually increasing your core muscle size.

For nutrition, go lean and green.
Lean protein and plenty of greens should make up the foundation of your diet plan. I’ve included ProteinPromo’s list of deals and offers to help you choose. Beyond that, add a small dose of healthy fats to your meals along with complex carbohydrates strictly in the morning and around exercise.

This will keep your body burning fat all day long.


For your workout program, compound moves are where it’s at. This means squats, lunges, deadlifts, bench press, bent over rows, push-ups, and pull-ups. These will all work a number of muscles at once, giving you a better calorie burn for the session itself.

Furthermore, these will help engage the core muscles while working the other muscles in the body, so you get a full body workout all at once.

Pair a full body strength training workout with interval cardio training two to three times per week. You’ll be seeing results in no time.


Finally, you need to get your lifestyle in check. This means getting enough sleep at night and also keeping your stress levels low. Both of these hinder your flat-ab goals as they will cause you to release cortisol, which only promotes fat storage in the abdominal region.

Plus, lack of sleep also increases insulin sensitivity and makes you more prone to storing excess body fat as well.

All in all, you simply must be getting these two areas of your life optimized for success.

So keep these quick tips in mind as you strive to get flat abs. With a well-rounded program, you can get the flat firm stomach you desire.

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