Yes, Stop Killing your Dreams. Stop Being Realistic!

I listen to women killing their dreams every day without them even realizing it. What do I mean?

Me: “What is your goal?” Client: with a doubtful voice “Well, let me be realistic…How about losing 20 Ibs or from size 20 to 18”

Me: “If I could wave a magic wand and grant your every wish, how many Ibs Kgs (or dress sizes would you like to shift? What would you say”

Client: with a smile “I would like to lose 60 pounds or go back to fit a size 8. I’d like to look and feel the way I did before I had children”

Me: “Your goal is to lose 60 pounds, fit into a size 8 or get your pre-baby body back. We will focus on achieving this 20 pounds at a time 1 dress size at a time”

I get it, it’s easy to stop believing or even imagining that what you really want is possible, therefore settling for what sounds realistic.

This flawed way of thinking is inadvertently killing your dreams. Minimizing or making your future realistic is the failure to realize that extraordinary feats are achieved by ordinary people. If they can do it you can do it too

11 years ago, when I invested in my 1st fitness coach, he asked what my goal was. I pointed to the cover of a fitness magazine and said “I want to look like her” the sexy, toned, bikini-clad woman that unapologetically graced the cover. I grew up chubby and had never looked anything close to that in my life – but I wanted the impossible. I remember getting goosebumps right after speaking life to my dream goal

From the moment I pointed to my dream (the lady on the magazine) something shifted. I knew that to look like that woman, I needed to roll up my sleeves, quit bull shitting and go to work. My big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) gave me the focus to commit to what I needed to do.

6 months later, after dedicating my heart, soul, every waking moment to my goal, my dream became a reality – my body transformed – a bonus – I eventually graced magazine covers.

When it comes to your goals – health, finances, relationship, business/job Dream Big. Speak it out loud. Claim it. Let your dream inspire you, pull you in, force you to level up to become a different person as you work to achieve it.

As they say – aim for the moon, if you miss, land on the stars. What dream have you denied yourself or minimized because it feels unreachable or unattainable?

As you begin a new week, be true to your dreams. Don’t care what anyone thinks or says about it or you – matter of fact, no need to share your dreams with everyone shhh –  say YES to dreaming big, speak life to your dreams as I did 11 years ago, know that anything is possible and watch your mindset and actions begin to change as you begin rise to your dream.  Your words ARE POWERFUL – Drop an “I will dream BIG” in the comments?

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