What goes up must come down – law of gravity. Would you ever stand on the ledge of a building trying to test or refute, this law? I doubt it “You are what You constantly do” – another law that we take for granted…what do I mean?

Let me share an anecdote to drive the point home…

I rented a manual transmission/stick shift car while in Mexico a couple of months ago. The first 3 days were rough! My left leg was discombobulated and couldn’t understand why after 20 years of driving retirement it was back in the ‘driving game’. It struggled to remember when and how to step on the clutch. Neither could my right hand fathom why it had to keep shifting gears every couple of seconds or minutes. I couldn’t talk on the phone while driving because I had to be fully present to know when shifting the gears was necessary. It was cognitive dissonance at its best. 3 days later Mind and body connection imprinted and all was well in my driving world

A month later, I got back to the US and had to reverse the manual transmission habit. This time, both right and left feet competed for the brake, my right hand was ready to shift gears every time I got to a red light or stop sign ?I remember saying out loud “I need you to chill the F out left leg.” I observed myself in awe of the power of repetition as my hand and feet moved automatically even when I wanted them not to.

The body can be set on auto-pilot once we’ve repeated action over and over again – Do you now agree with me when I say “You are what you consistently do?” Why then do we try to find a shortcut when there isn’t one?

Unfortunately, the ‘power’ of repetition + programming works for both good and bad. Digressing – “She or he is my friend but I don’t do abc orΒ  xyz like she/he does” yes – for now maybe, but before you know it, you will begin acting or doing the very same thing without even realizing it. You lay down with dogs you get up with fleas #facts

There are no hacks for weight loss, a happy relationship, success..anything we want in life is possible as long as we are willing to get uncomfortable as the body adapts to the new action. Whenever you get challenged by anything new, know this, discomfort is not a bad thing – with time and if you keep at it, it will get easier…but you MUST be consistent and hang tight! YOU GOT THIS!

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