Above is a video showing the Dexa Scan Body Fat Testing Process


May 1st beginning of prep I weighed 125 pounds first thing in the morning on an empty stomach which is most accurate compared to later in the day

June 3rd [Before] Weight 125.2 pounds/57 kilos – weight taken at 230pm after 2 meals would be 2 to 3 pounds lighter on an empty stomach

July 6th [After] Weight 116.5 pounds /52.8 kilo – weight taken at 430pm after 3 meals would be 2 to 3 pounds lighter on an empty stomach

ONLY 9 pound/ 4.2 kilos weight loss. It doesn’t sound like not I lost much weight but look at picture below….can you see how visible the 9 pounds/ 4.2 kilos are on my body? I am only 5”1 [height]


Body Fat Results:

Dexa Scan results…

Images below pixelated hence not very clear  – but very last column on 1st image shows that I went from 24.6% body fat 125.2 pounds/ 57 kilos on June 3rd to 21.8% body 116.5 pounds/52.8 kilos on July 6th

More body fat details…

June 3rd [Before]

 Of the 125.2 pounds/ 57 kilos, 29.2 pounds/13 Kilos of it was pure fat

July 6th [After]

Of the 116.5 pounds/52.8 kilos,  24.2 pounds/10.9 kilos was the amount of fat in my body.

I lost 5 pounds/ 2 kilos of fat in 32 days and most of that fat came from the areas where I store a lot of fat based on my body type – belly and thighs.

There is a different body fat report that showed where I store most Fat and it confirms thighs and belly as my problem areas. Remember where we store the most body fat is a genetic things, I explain in Workout 101 ebook how to work out so you can target YOUR particular problem areas.

Jeff, the body fat test expert, was amazed at my results and claimed he ONLY saw those types of results in athletes. I explained that I was getting ready for a bodybuilding competition and his response “Aahh you’re an athlete I see!”

 Factoid – “Bodybuilders are only 1% of the world’s population” – Week 2’s email defined what a bodybuilder is –  The number is pretty minuscule because the prep process requires not only physical effort – crazy workouts – but also mental fortitude for unwavering discipline willpower and staying the course. The latter proves a challenge for most.

I am honored and proud to be part of that 1% who can and who did [compete] not just 1 time….but 6 times.

Bodybuilding is indeed a sport and I am considered an athlete. I guess I’m making up for the 28 years I spent being sedentary 🙂

Before + After Measurements: In inches

Bust: 34 to 32 [- 2 inches]

Upper Waist: 32  to 27 [-5 inches]

Lower Waist: 27 to 24 [-3 inches]

Hips: 41 to 36 [-5 inches]

The measurements support the body fat test which identified waist/belly and thighs/hips to be the areas I store fat.

It’s very important to have KPI’s for progress tracking. Without tracking, you cannot tell if you’re making progress. I rely heavily on science, cause I’m a geek like dat’ lol, and tools that I’ve used the last 10 years.

So what NOW for me…

Today – August 9th is 4 weeks post-competition…

I’ve been reverse dieting the last 4 weeks and working to get my body to a good slightly bigger size- my bodybuilding size is too small LOL and to keep that super tiny, super ripped, abs popping look takes a lot more than I am willing to give right now. I’m striving for balance and moderation. My happy place or maintenance weight and look is at 120 pounds/ 54 kilos with measurements to match that.

Weight loss and healthy living are possible but only when we chose to make lifestyle changes that we can sustain long-term.

It’s never too late you can choose to be healthy and get fit at ANY age…just get started.

Did you learn anything from this post? Do you have a question for me? If so drop a comment below and I promise to respond  – much easier to respond to your questions below than email 🙂


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