We are blessed and every so often it’s good to step outside of our “me, myself and I” world and think about others.

That is why I am passionate about giving back…

I am in Nairobi fundraising for Just One Africa, an NGO that distributes water filters in bondo, siaya, mageta, mbita islands, taita, kimana, kijabe etc. They are a trustworthy organization that helps communities that don’t have access to clean water by providing water filters. These water filters are saving lives, decreasing disease and uplifting overall wellbeing of village communities.

1 water filter cleans 3.75million liters of water and is ONLY 6500 shillings or $65 – we spend that amount aimlessly on clothes, shoes, drinking, partying….things that we could do without, while the same amount could change someone else’ life.

I am asking for your support and giving you an opportunity to do something good for someone that you will never meet, someone that will never know you, but whose life will be changed by $65.

There are 3 ways to #BeACatalystOfChange and join us in this awesome cause…

  1. If you live in a different Country and want to support, make an online donation using Visa/Mastercard by clicking this link -> MAKE DONATION
  2. If In Kenya, You can send Mpesa Payment to Buy Goods 272786

3. You can Also attend the main fundraiser event TOMORROW at Villa Rosa Kempinski 6 pm to 9 pm with only 100 tickets/seats and only 15 to go.

Tickets can be purchased by sending cash to the same Buy Goods 272786 or online by clicking this link -> BUY CHARITY GALA TICKETS

We cannot change the world but perhaps we can make a small dent by changing a few people’s lives together.

Learn more about Just One Africa by Watching This video 

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