HABITS are what separate your current life from your new/dream life

Today is the 1st Day of May [Happy Labor day To You In Kenya :-)], and as I sit here reflecting about what I’ve achieved the last 4 months, It just hit me that you might not know this about me…

I am a Health Coach…yes I am!

Did I confuse or lose you? Are you wondering “Health coach? I thought you were a fitness trainer/personal trainer or nutritionist?”

Yes and yes. 

I have been certified in Wellness and Nutrition Coaching as well as Personal training since 2014, but I’ve also grown & morphed over the last 3 years into health coaching.

You see, 4 or 5 years ago, I used to create meal plans or workout plans for my online clients. They would be excited to receive this info and would get started…then fall off and not achieve their goals 🙁

Why was this? I knew my plans worked, but couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t stick to the plans long term.

The truth is, I made the assumption that everybody was like me; I am highly intrinsically motivated and once committed to doing something, like a runaway train…nothing can stop me. I go all out unrelentingly until I achieve/get it, which might explain why I spent 5 of my 11-year fitness journey in Body Building. I realized that you, my dear health enthusiasts, simply want to get healthy, feel good, look great and I need to meet you where you are.

I knew that to succeed in helping my clients, I needed to take a deeper dive and help them upgrade/reprogram the habits that kept them from achieving their goal, such as motivation. A health coach is a master of habit change without which, long term health and weight loss are elusive or can become a vicious unattainable cycle.

I am a body transformation coach that helps women transform their bodies by coaching them through weight loss so that they can improve their quality of life and experience increased confidence, self-love, and happiness. I do this by providing customized programs and guidance that motivates them to take inspired actions which transform their bodies and their lives.

There are certain habits, values, or beliefs that will block you from achieving your (life) goals. Until these blocks can be changed or upgraded, you will not be able to successfully use any tools (nutrition + workout) provided.

It’s like trying to download the latest + greatest new app on a phone or laptop that has an old OS (operating system), It doesn’t work. Only after upgrading the OS will the app download.

If the tech speak above doesn’t make sense, let’s try this one 🙂

It’s like trying to pour new wine into old wineskins, the wineskins would break and the wine runs out. New wine is poured into new wineskins, only then can both the wine and wineskins be preserved Matthew 9:17 BAM…you didn’t see that one coming now did you? LOL FYI – I did attend convent school and know my Bible inside out 🙂 thou shall not judge ** 2 finger snaps**

A deeper change must happen for you to fulfill certain goals. They say to become successful, you must begin doing the things that successful people do TODAY. Your actions must change, which then forms habits that lead to succeess, never the other way round 🙂

I actually just got back home (Atlanta) after attending a 3-day health + life coaching immersion/conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am a student at Health Coach Institute (HCI), who is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners. I will be graduating soon as a Health + Life coach and I chose a double major because life’s circumstances often lead to health and weight issues 🙂

Being at the event was a great reminder of my role in the global health industry:

  1. Health coaching is a much needed service 

Never a time has there been a need for health coaches as now. Doctors (In the US) have realized that simply telling patients to lose weight in order to reclaim health hasn’t been successful and now we (health coaches) are being called upon to partner with them (Doctors) to help lower the statistic of 45% of 330 million Americans living with lifestyle diseases type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart conditions, HBP etc. The solution for a person ailing from lifestyle conditions or someone who is healthy but looking to shed some weight, regain confidence and feel good is the same: Sustainable Weight Loss.

As I stated in an email 2 weeks ago, weight loss Is not simply a vanity metric, for some, it’s a matter of life and death and my goal is to impact and empower women all over the world so that they can lead a better quality of life.

2. The Importance and Impact of coaching

My clients succeed not because of the tools, but a combination of proven science-based knowledge/facts, motivation, accountability, lessons, support + the right customized tools (nutrition + workouts) all encapsulated in coaching through habit change. I have invested in years of education and personal experience in this field and my success metric or KPI (key performance indicator) is not having you lose weight + transforming your body but ensuring that you’re able to seamlessly continue with the new sustainable healthy living habits long term and not regain the weight. See some of my testimonials by clicking -> Coaching testimonials

Habits are indeed at the very core of our health, finances, relationships, careers…our lives. For them to change, thoughts/beliefs, words, actions etc. must also change. Quoting Mahatma Ghandi

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.”

The good news – It’s possible to change your habits at any time. It all begins with an ACTION. Would you like to recommit to your health or weight loss goals as the new month of MAY begins?

Ponder this (regarding your health or weight loss)

  1. What are 2 things that keep you from achieving optimal health or weight loss?
  2. What do you think you need to do to get started?  Share your feedback for number 1 and 2 in the comments and I will respond

There is usually an assumption that you need to take drastic steps/actions to begin your journey (join a gym + workout 6 days a week, stop eating carbs)…this is all FALSE.

“Small hinges swing big doors” W. Clement Stone

It’s not big actions that bring about big change. It’s the small consistent actions/steps that lead to great results

For example – You don’t work out or eat clean for 1 week to lose weight. It’s eating clean and working out over months that leads to transformation. You might also know this as the compound effect.

What does it take to repeat good nutrition + working out every day without fail, as though automatically? Replacing our current habits with new actions consistently over time.

Keep pondering…

  1. What small step can you take today?
  2. Are you capable of making it a priority, committing and investing the needed time, energy?

If you’re truly serious about beginning your health journey, would you promise yourself to follow a well laid out plan? 

Here is a ’test’ to test your seriousness…

Try my 10 day detox plan. Change your actions for 10 days…

But wait… 

Did you know that 60% of people who do my 10 day Detox FAIL! WHY?

  1. They go into it thinking “oh I simply have to eat these items for 10 days…it must be easy.” They get shocked at the power of food and give up when the going gets tough! It’s like entering a marriage expecting it to ALWAYS be a bed of roses and not understanding that there will be challenges along the way, but you choose to go through them with your partner.
  2. They might go the entire 10 days and make great progress after which, they resume previous habits which takes them back to square one, and then they swear that nothing works. This happens when you fail to realize that your habits for the days are setting you up to embrace them long term.

Here are 5 hacks that I personally use when about to embark on anything…

  1. #FACTS – Go into the 10 Day Detox KNOWING that it will be TOUGH and be willing to do WHATEVER It takes to succeed. Say to yourself “I AM NOT A QUITTER” – Anything worth having, Is worth fighting for/working hard for so be ready to go all the way.
  2. Go into the 10 day program with a WINNERS attitude and prepare to overcome any challenges that will try to throw you off during the 10 days #MENTALREADINESS my favorite affirmation for this is “I GOT THIS” say this to yourself. You MUST be your greatest cheerleader!
  3. Remind yourself WHY you need to do this. What will losing weight, increasing energy, feeling lighter, sleeping better at night, fitting your old smaller clothes…what will the above do for you, your spouse, kids, business, employee…your life? Conversely, what will happen if you do nothing and your weight keeps increasing or health keeps deteriorating? Say to yourself…“Nobody else can do this for me. I MUST do this for ME”
  4. Understand that the 10 day detox is only the BEGINNING – in other words, once day 10 is done, you cannot GO BACK to your old habits of living/eating…stick to the ->click link >>> 30 day post-detox plan! Envision yourself succeeding and say to yourself “I will not undo my Victory, I will keep working”
  5. You will need support! Going at it alone can be tough! Join the 10 day detox community which happens to be starting the next challenge on Tuesday, May 13th after mother’s day 🙂 -> click link >>>facebook.com/groups/10daybodydetox

If you dig deep and complete the 10 day detox here is what I Promise you:

  1. You will LOSE WEIGHT
  2. You will FEEL like a new person
  3. You will experience ENERGY and MENTAL CLARITY
  4. You will BECOME a new happier, person…

If you’ve never done the 10 day detox before OR have done it and have failed…

Would you like to recommit yourself, your health and try the 10-day detox with a new mindset? Would you like to say YES to yourself and mean it this time with a NEW WINNERS attitude? GREAT!

To help you along…I am offering you the ->click link >>> 10 day detox ebook program to you for only 500/= or $5 instead of 1000/= or $10 but remember, the 10 day detox is a jumpstart, it’s the beginning and if you do it 100% YOU WILL MAKE PROGRESS!

But Jane, what happens after the 10 Days! 🙁

I got you!

I will also give you ->click link >>> Eat Clean Get Lean, the 30 day meal program and continuation of he detox program discounted at 850/= [$8.50] instead of 1750/= [$17.50]

Caution – Breastfeeding Moms, You cannot detox because this might dry up your milk supply. The good news is – You can lose weight WHILE still breastfeeding! Yes you can!

I am giving you the->click link >>> Bye Bye Bally Belly – The Weight loss guide for breastfeeding moms at only 2000/= [$20] instead of 6000/= [$60] You too can begin changing your habits as soon as you are ready to!

Workout buffs where you at? If nutrition isn’t a problem for you but you struggle knowing what home workouts or gym workouts will help you burn fat, or gain muscle based on your body type, you will benefit from my ->click link >>>Workout 101 program that help you identify your body type and shows how to workout catered to your body type at only 1000/= [$10] instead of 2000/= [$20]

You can get any of the 4 above-mentioned programs ASAP, from any country by making a purchase from the website using your bank cards, Visa/Mastercards – visit by clicking these sites ->->click links >>>10 Day Detox, Eat Clean Get Lean – The 30 Day Meal Plan, Bye Bye Baby Belly, Workout 101.

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Note: If you purchased any of the programs in the past but had an issue downloading, please send a screenshot of your mpesa confirmation text to detoxsupport@janemukami.com and my support team will cross reference payment Codes and get back to you. Again, your patience is required.

If you live in NAIROBI -It gets even better – Join 10-day Detox Delivery! Let us cater to you by delivering fresh food to your home or office every morning for the entire 10-day detox experience starting Monday, May 13th. We eliminate anxiety or overwhelm from shopping or preparing the detox menu leaving you 100% focused on succeeding in the 10-day program!

Unfortunately, we only serve a few people with detox delivery. The cost is 12500/= women 13500/= men for CBD area. For other areas

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Do you think you can do this? Of course you can and I am super excited for you recommitting yourself and your health this month…

You got this…but also be willing to face a bit of discomfort, a bit of a stretch, for nothing comes easy. They say you gotta stand the test, to have a testimony. In other words, be ready to give something up or go through discomfort to get what you want. Are you ready for your TESTIMONY! If you TRULY are, type in the comments below **I am READY**

PS: I am getting a lot of inquiries about my->click link >>> 12-week body transformation coaching program. Please note that I only run this program in Jan, April, July and October. The April program just kicked off and I will be taking new clients mid-June for the July session. I only work with 15 committed women and already have a waiting list. Step 1 of this process is booking your weight loss breath through call which will happen in a few weeks. I have limited slots for this call + enrollment. I strongly advise that you book your call in advance. Click link->>> book call **

Let’s Make May An Amazing New Month By Making Progress Towards Our Goals!

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