As you go about your get healthy regimen, whether it’s to burn fat, build muscle, or simply improve your health, it pays to know your body type.

What does body type mean?  Body type refers to the natural tendency of your body to manage its body weight and composition.  Ever notice how some people tend to be naturally thin no matter what they eat while others will pack on body fat merely by looking at food? (or so it seems!)

This is body type at work. There are three different body types to know about and by understanding each one and the characteristics, you can better plan your approach. 

Here are the ones to know. 


This is essentially someone who is thin no matter what they eat or do. They’re typically tall and lanky looking and may be one of those people who just can’t sit still.  Always moving, they burn up a high amount of calories on a day to day basis. 

 The ectomorph has a metabolic rate that tends to speed up the more food they eat, so for them, putting on weight of any kind – fat or muscle – tends to be a real challenge. 

 This type of person does best on a very high calorie diet, focusing on calorie dense foods whenever possible. Their workouts should focus on lower volume exercises, done with very heavy weight in the lower rep range. 

Ectomorphs may include some cardio, however it should be minimized as too much cardio can mean even more calories are burned. 


This body type is the one that tends to store body fat easily.  They’re typically a little rounder looking more like that of an apple or pear depending on where they store their body fat. 

 These people will need more cardio, will do well on a circuit-style strength training program, and will need to monitor their calorie intake more closely to ensure they are not gaining more weight. 

Endomorphs will find it’s more effort to maintain their body weight, but the good news is that the more consistent they are with their workout regimen which should include strength training, the easier they’ll be able to achieve this as muscle burns calories at a faster pace than body fat does. 


Finally, you have the mesomorph. This is someone who tends to be naturally muscular and athletic.  They’re usually a bit short and stalky looking and while they can certainly gain fat if they eat too much, they don’t do so readily. 

 They tend to build muscle quite easily if weight training is performed, so do well on a conventional program with free weights and some cardio training added in. 

 They can eat a moderate calorie diet and often respond well to a higher carb intake thanks to all the muscle mass they possess. 

There can also be a combination of the different body types which form hybrids. This means that one can have an upper body that is mesomorphic yet the lower half of the body is endomorphic, or vice versa.

One thing for sure is that ALL body types benefit greatly from clean eating, cardio and strength training.

So there you have a closer look at the three body types.  Which body type are you? Once you can identify this, you can better plan your program around it. 

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